Sunday, December 9, 2012

Young Adult (2011)

Another movie I loved so much I bought the screenplay here.

Also the main character in "Young Adult" reminded me too much of myself because I too a) still have mixed tapes from ex-boyfriends b) write c) love young adult literature d) have a dog e) am usually slightly disheveled, etc.

This movie reunites director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody who also brought you "Juno."

Mavis with shades on and a Hello Kitty t-shirt

It's dark (comedy). The main character Mavis Gary played by Charlize Theron is pretty on the outside, not so much on the inside, and very much steeped in alcohol though I rooted for her.  As she made passes at her married ex-boyfriend it was like a seeing a train about to hit a car repeatedly.

There was one scene that was totally unexpected where after this big blow out where most protagonists would have learned their lesson and transformed in the story world, a younger girl gushes to Mavis how cool she is while Mavis sits there at the kitchen table as though finally someone is in awe of her even with a big stain on her dress.

The script is really well written.  And not just the dialogue you see in the movie.  The script is really well written.  Diablo Cody is a talented writer.

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