Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Good Guy (2009)

You know I was a huge "Gilmore Girls" fan so it was no wonder that I'd eventually watch "The Good Guy" with Alexis Bledel who plays a role that's like her tv character Rory toned down. I preferred Anna Chlumsky's screentime--she looks like a young Courtney Love. The star here though is Bryan Greenberg who has the best line, "Why is everyone left-handed today?"

It's a very clever script that starts with the end and works back to it. I hated when the sleazy guy got to be the narrator though but luckily it was only short bits.

Greenberg and Bledel at the book club

I learned that there is a country somewhere where pennies are named after raindrops. There's also a literary reference in the movie to a book called "The Good Soldier" so I might have to look into that... Is that why they titled the movie "The Good Guy"? I don't know; I don't think either title is very sexy. I'm not sure what I would have titled it instead. Well, I'd probably title it "Buying Books in New York" but I don't know who else would find that sexy.

The second best character is New York city itself. I love movies that take place in New York. Makes me wanna be there.

Andrew McCarthy steals the show as Bryan Greenberg and Scott Porter's Wall Street boss.  I  love when Bryan Greenberg's character brings him his coffee and change, and he looks at the change in disgust, and throws it in the nearest garbage can.

Wake (2009)

Creepy. It's hard for me to watch any scene with a coffin in it even in a romantic comedy such as "Wake." But I did it. Probably because Ian Somerhalder, Damon from "The Vampire Diaries," had a lead role. It was ooohkay, I guess. Kind of absolutely non-realistic. Forget any verisimilitude. I think he's a better actor on the tv show.

Tagline: Meet Carys.  She's a mourning person...

Vanity Fair (2004)

Last night I watched "Vanity Fair" with Reese Witherspoon. I liked the character of Becky Sharpe. She made everyone else look like he or she had a crazy world view. Now I want to read the book but it could be because I need to grade.

girl with a parrot

My favorite part was when a parrot suddenly flies off her shoulder. End Scene.