Friday, December 14, 2012

The Republic of Love (2003)

I saw "The Republic of Love" last night again on Netflix streaming.

It's a love story between the characters Tom and Fay.  Tom is a night-time talk show host who has been married and divorced three times already and Fay is a 30-yr old academic into mermaids who is waiting for the perfect love like she thinks her parents' have.

couple dancing

This movie is both highly romantic and whimsical.  It's based on the novel of the same title by Canadian author Carol Shields and it's dedicated to her.

I love the father with a duck as a pet.  I love the shots of Toronto.  I love the eccentric neighbor who takes a very large cactus.

I like the visual parallel of Fay muttering something like "love sucks" and Tom muttering "never again" on different escalators.

Unexpected things happen like animated flowers crawling up the edges of the screen.

And here it's the guy who is over-the-top romantic.

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