Sunday, December 9, 2012

Janie Jones (2010)

"Janie Jones" is pie to anyone who likes rock stories like me.  It's also more gritty than most which I appreciated.  There are also a lot of just playing the acoustic guitar scenes.

This one I stumbled upon on Netflix streaming.  Thank you Netflix!  I downloaded the soundtrack right away.  Gemma Hayes has a really great song on it, for example. Others are written by Eef Barzelay.

Alessandro Nivola's character, Ethan Brand, is left with a young daughter, Janie, played by Abigail Breslin at one of his gigs by her mother, played by Elizabeth Shue.

My favorite scene is the laundry mat scene below:

Ethan and Janie playing in laundromat

Ethan is teaching Janie a really great guitar song while the two of them sit on washing machines and the lighting is grey blue green/ fluorescent.  I guess I like it so much because it feels candid.  And it's a really good song where half way through, the movie cuts to them playing it live.  Both actors can really sing and play and do.

I liked how there were no O.D.'s in this movie.  I liked how the band totally freaks out on him and leaves--that was well done.  I like how the two main characters help each other out without being too over the top.

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