Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dedication (2007)

"Dedication" is a script I wish I would have written.  It's got some great lines and a lot of energy.

It only got two stars on Rotten Tomatoes?!  Why? Why do I never agree with reviewers?  Not only is it a good script but I love how Justin Theroux (first time director) does a lot of cool jumpcuts and fast motion shots, and parts that look like a tribute to Super-8 film with lots of scratches.

The story: An OCD children's writer, Henry, loses his mentor, Rudy, and is paired with a girl, Lucy, who wears a parka and draws.  I saw it years ago and remember thinking Mandy Moore was some kind of pop star and a weird choice for a weird girl--- that was before she married Ryan Adams.  At least she doesn't overdo the cheeriness to the despairing guy which many movies do.

Billy Crudup is AMAZING as a guy with issues.  I like how he needs heavy books on top of him to calm down and how he wears a helmet in the car because he is petrified of being in one. My favorite rant of his that he got to do is the following one:

Henry [to Lucy]: Ok, fine. I don't care about nebulas. You know accuse me of whatever you want, I'm probably guilty of it... contributing to global warming, and killing a squirrel once, and using the word retarded, and occasionally misinterpreted bigotry, but don't, don't... don't don't don't don't don't accuse me of not liking you. Ok?

I would want the father figure Rudy (Tom Wilkinson plays).  He got to deliver great lines like these:
Rudy Holt: You know what life is?
Henry: Life is a horrible little giggle in the midst of a forced death march towards hell.
 [at this point, I crack up...what word choice--I am in heaven!]
Rudy Holt: No it isn't.
Henry: An interminable wale of grief... [wow]
Rudy Holt: No. Life is a single skip for joy. [ahh, the alliteration]
Henry: I know. 

"Dedication" is another rom com with a great soundtrack that I downloaded.  The songs have crunchy 90s guitar sounds and include musicians such as Cat Power, The Strokes, Fischerspooner, and Deerhoof.

There are also some great cameos by people such as Peter Bogdanovich, Dianne Wiest, and Amy Sedaris.

I could watch it again.  I love the rain scene.  I love how Rudy out of no where jumps off the roof.  I love the bad-choice writer boyfriend who has two dedications in his book's galleys because he hasn't decided between two women yet. 

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