Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two of Us (2000)

In honor/ memory of the day John Lennon died, I'm going to write about my favorite fictional hypothetical movie "The Two of Us" about John Lennon and how he spends one day with Paul McCartney in New York City a few years after the Beatles broke up (in 1976).

Aidan Quinn (love him ever since "Desperately Seeking Susan") plays Paul and Jared Harris plays John.

It's a talkie film, I'm not even sure if there are any other characters really but their discussions are quite intriguing and at one point I think John makes Paul a cup of dandelion tea. I thought that was so great at the time--I had to go out and try dandelion tea immediately after that.

Paul shows up at the Dakota, John's famous last home.  John Lennon: [greeting Paul] "The ghost of Christmas past."

Paul and John

They frolic in Central Park and they go to one of John's favorite restaurants.  They contemplate having a reunion of sorts on the tv show "Saturday Night" Live that night  because producer Lorne Michaels offers them $3000 to do it but it never happens.

"Two of Us" is a reference to a really great song about the end of a relationship on what's known as the Beatles' break up album "Let It Be."  There's a really good Michael Penn/ Aimee Mann cover of this song out their as well (on the "I am Sam" soundtrack).

Personally, I could watch hours of Liverpudlians yucking it up.  I love the British slang and I love the accents.  And John Lennon could have been the wittiest person ever.

John Lennon: [Answering the Intercom System] Help me, I'm trapped inside this little box.

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