Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forget Me Not (2010)

"Forget me Not" is a movie I've seen at least three times on Netflix streaming late at night when I can't sleep.

The shots are beautiful, lots of gold at night and blue in the twilight.

It's about a dark troubled troubadour, Will, who sings at the pub across the street where he meets Eve, the bartender, and they stroll through the London streets together after closing until dawn.  Kinda like Before Sunrise but here the characters are a bit more world weary.

In some ways, it's that old story of a woman full of light trying to cheer up a brooding guy. 

Will playing guitar for Eve

But there is a big secret here that is revealed in the third act so I will not tell you.

I love the scene where he is carrying her in the rain. (Every movie should have a rain scene.)  Though he kinda reminded me of Frankenstein a bit while doing this.---This leads up to a really hot love scene.

Robert Ebert says the songs could've been better. I just think Will shouldn't be belting the songs out like he does.  It's one thing to be passionate, but I like the more candid understated singing he does for the hen party outside a shop while Eve is picking up a bottle of wine.

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