Saturday, December 15, 2012

Like Crazy (2011)

"Like Crazy" has a crazy amount of jumpcuts (and handheld camera).  On the couple's first date at a coffee shop/ terrace (Anna and Jacob): she talks and the camera is on her and a wall and then when he talks, the camera is on him and a wall.  Very artsy and strange.

I especially like how Anna tells Jacob she is fine about leaving him in Los Angeles and going back to London and then there is a cut to Anna in a bathtub with mascara running down her face.

Jacob and Anna in the bathtub

It also has other fancy filmmaking like the sped up time at an airport that reminded me of "Garden State." Sped up time in bed.  How do they do those overhead shots of people in bed?  I've been wondering that ever since "Lost in Translation."

"Like Crazy" is a painful film to watch because there is a whole lot of yearning and longing going on as the two lovers are separated by time, distance, and immigration laws.

Anna is a writer with a scrapbook of all scrapbooks.  Here is a sample of Anna's writing:

Anna: "I thought I understood it, that I could grasp it. But I didn't, not really. Only the smudgeness of it; the pink-slippered, all-containered, semi-precious eagerness of it. I didn't realize it would sometimes be more than whole, that the wholeness was a rather luxurious idea. Because it's the halves that halve you in half. I didn't know, don't know, about the in-between bits; the gory bits of you, and the gory bits of me."

When I close my eyes and think of this movie, I think of a broken bracelet that says, "Patience." A beautiful wedding dress, beautiful sunny days. Great fashion on her part. Huge fighting while someone is chopping vegetables with a really large knife.

Trying to make a go of it with other partners.  Cups of tea.

The end. Real or confusing?

Thinking, thinking... I think it's "The Graduate" kind of ending.

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