Friday, December 7, 2012

Save the Date (2012)

Loved "Save the Date."  I saw this as an Amazon download on my laptop when I was home sick.

Afterwards, I even downloaded the soundtrack (for the Wolfbird songs, especially the song "Baaaabaaba, babababa, babies!!)  I also friended the co-writer/ graphic artist of all comic drawings in the movie, Jeffrey Brown on Goodreads, a great site for keeping track of books and authors. And he friended me back!!

His drawings are like the following:

drawing of couple

It's not that I liked the main character, Sarah, so much.  She is kind of nervous and wishy washy.  Kinda like me, actually.  Okay, she's okay.  And she wears jean shorts a lot which my husband makes fun of me for wearing.  And she works in a bookstore which I have done.  And she believes in signs.

I thought the character Martin Starr played, Andrew, was sweet.  He is the one below brushing his teeth with Alison Brie's character, Beth who is also Sarah's sister.  Why is he always brushing his teeth in this movie?  I guess because he and his fiance represent the stable life, choosing marriage, and lots of planning.

Andrew and Beth

I like how Martin Starr calls his fiance "lady" and pretty much all of his lines.  I like how he pretend-washes emotional vomit off Sarah's shoulder.

Sarah isn't like her sister Beth.  She ruuuuuuuns from marriage and so opposites are played against each other.

Max Webber who plays Jonathan, Sarah's rebound? Wow Max Webber (below with Lizzy Caplan who plays Sarah).  I loved him ever since "The Hottest State."  He also has a great role in the recent film  "For a Good Time Call."  He's got some pretty cute dance moves in this film.

Sarah and Jonathan

I like the writing of this script.  I like how the main character, "bookstore-lady," Sarah, boxes up her dirty plates when she is moving at the beginning of the film. 

My favorite shot occurs when Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Kevin, and current boyfriend, Jonathan, show up at her art show.  The two guys are looking at drawings on opposite sides of the room and each drawing is of Sarah with the other guy. At the same time, the two guys slowly turn around and stare at each other like two cowboys facing off.

 (I wish I could spend at least an hour at this art show.)

Good ending on this one.  A nicely placed unusual edit.

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