Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lola Versus (2012)

Loved it.  Though not everyone will.  I wasn't sure if my husband would like it for instance so I went alone on a Friday afternoon. (Great fun! I should do that more often.)

The movie has a great fantastical opening of all Lola's shoes and personal belongings floating up on the beach and her doing yoga with the camera tilting showing her life is about to go out of whack.

Why do I love this movie?  Well, I would love any romantic comedy set in New York that tries to examine the whole prospect like old Woody Allen movies used to do.  (I also loved the fashion!)  Every dress and pair of shoes that Lola and her friend Alice wear are beautiful beyond anything I've ever seen at the local mall...

Zoe Lister and Greta Gerwig in beautiful dresses holding drinking cups

It also has some surprising plot points and an unconventional ending.  Very brave.

Joel Kinnaman, who I love from the tv show The Killing, doesn't get to shine in this movie; his character is pretty flat.  He's the guy who calls off the wedding at the very beginning of the movie.  He's a painter but we never get to see his art.  Wouldn't it be so funny if his art was ridiculous?

I know Greta Gerwig is "everywhere" right now.  The roles I've seen (Damsels in Distress where she's very bossy and delusional, Greenberg where she's very shy and awkward) have been very different though. Here she's sort of lost and unaware of her best friend, Henry's, feelings--this kind of makes her unlikeable.  In some ways, I think she is too beautiful to have the audience's sympathy.  But she definitely does drunk and remorse well.

Her parents, great actors Debra Winger and Bill Pullman, are "perfect parents," the kind that give you a job when you need one and encourage you to have a party in their beautiful house when they're away.  It's hilarious when Bill Pullman tells Greta's character, "I de-friended him [her ex] on Facebook." I wish they had more scenes though.

I will think of this movie more because it is a lot like the movie I'm trying to write...

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