Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Good Guy (2009)

You know I was a huge "Gilmore Girls" fan so it was no wonder that I'd eventually watch "The Good Guy" with Alexis Bledel who plays a role that's like her tv character Rory toned down. I preferred Anna Chlumsky's screentime--she looks like a young Courtney Love. The star here though is Bryan Greenberg who has the best line, "Why is everyone left-handed today?"

It's a very clever script that starts with the end and works back to it. I hated when the sleazy guy got to be the narrator though but luckily it was only short bits.

Greenberg and Bledel at the book club

I learned that there is a country somewhere where pennies are named after raindrops. There's also a literary reference in the movie to a book called "The Good Soldier" so I might have to look into that... Is that why they titled the movie "The Good Guy"? I don't know; I don't think either title is very sexy. I'm not sure what I would have titled it instead. Well, I'd probably title it "Buying Books in New York" but I don't know who else would find that sexy.

The second best character is New York city itself. I love movies that take place in New York. Makes me wanna be there.

Andrew McCarthy steals the show as Bryan Greenberg and Scott Porter's Wall Street boss.  I  love when Bryan Greenberg's character brings him his coffee and change, and he looks at the change in disgust, and throws it in the nearest garbage can.

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